Campaign Evaluation

Part of a successful campaign is evaluation. A good team examines what they have done and if it is successful or not.

Video From Bill Hogg’s Youtube


Examining our campaign starts with looking at our goals and objectives. Earlier, we provided measurable goals to help us understand if our campaign was successful. For instance, our objective for Twitter was to increase followers by 10%. A reasonable amount of time after rolling out our campaign, say a few weeks to a month, we will look at the Twitter followers to see the increase. If the followers increased by 5% we were moderately successful, if close to 10 than successful, if not at all than we were unsuccessful.

Another aspect is looking at the business of the Fair Trade Market. Now that we have narrowed down our campaign to improving their sales during a down period, we can examine the sales of the store.


Picture From World Trade Market Twitter

The Fair Trade Market goes through an annual decrease in revenue during the month of March. It is a lull that happens every year before picking back up in the following month.

In order to combat this, we are rolling out a campaign titled #BringintheSpring. During each week of March we will discount different items, promoting them on social media and encouraging customers to come during the annual down period.

If the sales during the month of March still indicate a decrease from normal, than our strategy of promoting discounting items failed to bring more customers and revenue to the store. If the sales show that sales were up closer to normal revenue, than our strategy worked.


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