Mission Waco: Goals and Objectives

By: Chase Strickland

In order to help Mission Waco with a PR campaign, we worked with the organization to create a list of three goals. We then broke down those goals into a list of achievable objectives and tactics to establish those objectives.

Goal: Our first goal is to help Mission Waco increase their following and activity on social media. This will help them reach more people and have more resources to help the needy. This will be measured by the following objectives:

  • Increase Instagram followers by 10%.
  • Increase Twitter posts to weekly updates.
  • Share Instagram posts to Twitter and Facebook.

This shall be accomplished with the following tactics:

  • Follow more Instagram accounts.
  • Increase Twitter posts to twice a week.
  • Link Instagram posts to Twitter, Facebook and blog posts.
  • Continually accepting/interacting with those on Facebook.


Goal: We want to attract more web-traffic to raise awareness and gather resources. This will be accomplished with the following:


  • Update website with more content/ aesthetically appealing layouts.
  • Create a more appealing website/higher quality photos and graphics.
  • Push followers to website.


  • Add more pictures/videos.
  • More posts people can interact with.
  • Update the website on a weekly basis

The following is a great example of the kind of content we want to create:

Video from Unbound Youtube

Goal: Our third goal is to improve involvement with Baylor student organizations. We want more students involved with the organization, as they are a great resource. We will measure our success with the following objectives:

  • Increase student registration per month by 10%
  • Provide opportunities for student organizations

To accomplish this, we will use the following tactics:

  • Partner with Baylor to create initiative programs for students/organizations.
  • Get a representative to come inform students at organization’s meetings about what they can do to get involved.
  • Highlight student organizations that volunteer through social media accounts.

Once a year, Baylor students volunteer in the community through a program called Stepping Out. They help out in the community and accomplish many different tasks, showing there is vast potential in the student market.


Photo from Baylor.edu

These goals should help us raise the overall awareness of Mission Waco so that they can have more resources and make a greater impact in the community.


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