First Impressions

By: Chase Strickland

For class this semester, we are working in groups to create a public relations campaign for a non-profit company. This includes creating a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis for the company, then helping them improve their weaknesses, overcome threats and take advantages of opportunities. My group partnered with Mission Waco , a local non-profit that seeks to mobilize the middle class to eliminate social injustice, empowering the needy to get out of social cycles of poverty, homelessness,

Photo From Mission Waco Facebook

My first interactions with Mission Waco have been pleasant. They are extremely caring people who clearly have a passion for what they do. They are eager to see how we can help them and seemed receptive to our suggestions. They were also on the same page as us in regards to their strengths and weaknesses. They:

  • Recognized that their social media presence is not as good as it could be and were receptive to our early critiques.
  • Offered up threats and weaknesses of their own, pointing out that it can be difficult to fund raise with other charities also trying to raise money for similar causes from similar companies.
  • Noted the problem of weather, which can mess up planned outdoor events and create a rush of people needing shelter.

A large part of our PR campaign will focus on a new grocery store recently opened by Mission Waco. The store seeks to provide cheap food in walking distance of a low-income area that did not have any nearby stores.

Video by Grant Hudiburg

All in all, the people at Mission Waco seem eager and willing to work together to improve their performance and public relations. They seem like kind people who will listen to feedback and offer plenty of their own to help us help them.


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